Disability Awareness Education

Disability Awareness EducationHILC offers Disability Awareness Education (DAE) to area schools, faculty, and Parent-Teacher Organizations.

Participants receive training in disability etiquette, including “People First” language, and the do’s and don’t’s of interaction with service animals.  Discussion sessions with individuals with a variety of disabilities provide the chance to ask questions.  Furthermore, activities allow participants the opportunity to briefly experience what it may be like to have different disabilities, including: wheelchair basketball, “blind” obstacle course, limited mobility and dyslexia. The program is presented to approximately 1,000 school children every year.

In addition, the HILC Disability Awareness Education program has been modified to benefit emergency responders to help them be prepared for addressing the needs of individuals with disabilities in emergency situations.

Call the HILC Intake Specialist for more information.  Call (573) 437-5100