Assistive Internet Technology

The Telecommunications Access Program for Internet (TAP-I) is for people who cannot access the internet and/or email on their computer because the regular computer keyboard, mouse or monitor are not accessible.

The TAP-I program will provide, at no cost to qualified applicants, alternative keyboard, mouse, and software for use on an applicant’s home computer.

For example:

  • If you cannot see what is on the computer screen because of vision loss, TAP-I can provide a screen reader or screen magnifier
  • If you cannot type with two hands, TAP-I can provide an alternative keyboard option.
  • If you cannot use a mouse because of a physical disability such as arthritis, TAP-I can provide a mouse to better meet your needs.
  • If you have a learning disability and need help reading and writing email, TAP-I can provide word prediction software or text-to-speech options.

Call the HILC Intake Specialist for more information.  Call (573) 437-5100.