Emergency Communication Devices

Guardian AlertEmergency Communication devices can provide the peace of mind and security a person needs to live independently!

For the past several years, HILC has provided at no cost to qualified individuals the Guardian Alert 911 emergency dialer.

This device allows a person to talk directly with a 911 Emergency Operator at the push of a button when an emergency situation, such as an accident, fall, illness, or danger occurs. All the person needs to do is push the button on the pendant for two seconds and you, your family member or loved one will be able to talk directly to the emergency operator, not to a call center.

HILC uses this device because there is no monthly subscription or service fee!

A HILC Independent Living Specialist can assist in developing personalized emergency response plans upon request.

Heartland will sell the device at our cost to families and/or individuals whose income exceeds our financial guidelines.

Call the HILC Intake Specialist for more information.  Call (573) 437-5100